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From the initial consultation and free site survey to the final preliminary project design, our team will liaise with you and your chosen contractors.

Design Services

From the initial consultation and free site survey to our full final preliminary project design services, our team will liaise with you and your chosen contractors to ensure we offer the best final result while also meeting the necessary requirements such as CQC standards.

There are many factors when determining what laundry equipment you need from who is going to be using the equipment, what is going to be washed, how many people the equipment has to cater for, what type of site/care is on offer through to is there going to be gas on site, what is the floor like, is there a way to vent the exhaust duct to outside air and bring fresh air into the room…the list is endless but we take care of it all for you and ask you the right questions.

We understand that this equipment isn’t cheap and is a significant investment so let our industry experts advise and help you put together the perfect solution that is going to benefit you and last for many years.

Expert Advice & Knowledge

Once the initial consultation has taken place and we have the information we need, we work with our CAD design team to provide full machine specifications and layout drawings for both equipment and services required for onward discussion with M & E contractors and are always on hand to advice and support. Our CAD design team don’t just put things on paper as asked – they are also experts in commercial laundry having been in the industry themselves for many years and they too will offer their knowledge and insights.

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If you are interested in learning more please get in touch and we can work with you and our chemical suppliers to find the best fit solution for your operation.