Dosing Equipment

We Install A Full Range Of Solutions

At PDS our dosing department specialise in the supply, installation and servicing of dosing systems throughout the UK.


Our Smart OPL (On Premise Laundry) applications are designed to work with intelligent and non-intelligent washing machines. Chemical dosing is a crucial process in various industries, wherein precise amounts of chemicals are added to a system or process. This method ensures the desired chemical concentration is achieved, thereby optimising the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation.

Benefits Of Chemical Dosing

  • Data logging, including wash cycle counts per formula and pump run times.
  • No waste – auto dispense chemical.
  • Time saved – no manual dosing.
  • Wash consistency.
  • Ease of use – simplify laundry dosing.
  • Reduced machine cleaning.
  • Electricity reduction – saves time and power consumption.

Quality Installations & Expert Knowledge

We work alongside the biggest dosing suppliers in the country as their dosing installation and service partner.

Not only do we install the auto dose pumps for washing machines but we also install a full range of manual and water fed solutions for housekeeping departments and kitchens and also solutions for dish/ware washing. A team of in house engineers dedicated to dosing result in great response times and quality installations controlled via in house training and years and years of knowledge.

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