Asset Management

Managing Your Facilities Assets

Our bespoke service management system allows us to log your equipment, old or new, and track all calls, parts and your monthly spend against each machine.

Your Assets

In the realm of commercial laundry asset management is the bedrock of success. With the capital outlay being higher on commercial laundry equipment keeping them running for as long as possible is definitely the aim. We have seen estates thrive when their assets are adeptly managed. It’s about strategic maintenance and utilisation, and eventual disposition, ensuring that assets align with organisational goals and this is where PDS are at the forefront. We can assess assets and check for repeat faults, user errors, underlying issues and trends to ensure the full life potential is achieved before a piece of equipment is replaced all via system reporting.

In essence, asset management is the cornerstone of prosperity and sustainability and deciding when the right time comes to part with your trusty piece of kit and upgrade it for something new.

Free Onsite Survey

At the start of every new contract we will attend each site free of charge and complete our own asset list of your estate. Every machine will be set up on the system with the following information:

  • Manufacturer, Make and Model.
  • Serial Number and Unique Asset ID.
  • Age.
  • Condition.
  • Photos.

For every call raised moving forward, our help desk log all calls against the specific piece of kit allowing our team to create a full logged history on all machines managed across your estate.

Repair Vs
Replace Scheme

Our engineers pride themselves on the service they offer and find achievement in being able to fix and minimize downtime on your equipment. However, there will become a time when the machine will become beyond economic repair (BER). Our team across the helpdesk will highlight a machine as BER based on the machines spend-to-date, age, condition and availability of parts required. Along with this information, we will supply you with a repair and replacement option on for your approval.

We Manage Your Laundries Assets Across A Range Of Industries

We supply, install, repair & maintain commercial laundry, chemical dosing & hygiene control equipment to businesses and organisations across a number of sectors.

Not within one of our industries? Don’t be alarmed, PDS support all makes and models of commercial grade laundry equipment, get in touch to find out more.
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